• Getting Cheesy at The KCAs!
    We're all familiar with photo booths-- you get to see pics of the stars you love acting silly. But what about GIF booths? Now you can get the best of video and photo rolled up in an awesome KCA 2013 gif package that'll make you feel like you were actually there! Plus, you can watch it over and over again. You're welcome!
  • What the KC-HEY?!
    While you were distracted by who won what what blimp, you missed all the great stuff happening on the sidelines. Lucky for you, we've collected all these super subtle scenes that slipped by when your eyes were elsewhere. Check out these pics that will make you ask "What the KC-HEY?!"
  • 2013 Best Dressed (With a Twist!)
    On KCA night, everyone comes dressed to the nines, but there's always room for improvement, right? With our supreme tweaking talents, we've taken them to the tens. By enhancing their appearances just a tad, we've given them a signature style that's sure to be a new trend!
  • Highlights of 2013 KCAs!
    So the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards just passed and you loved every minute of them and are sad to see them go. If only there was a way to relive the KCAs in all their slimey glory. Oh, wait, there is! Click here to get double the blimps, double the slime!
  • Josh's Big Night
    The KCA stage is great and all, but we know you've always wondered: What if Josh was hosting on the moon? What if he gave away Blimps... in a blimp?? Well, wonder no more! To see all what these moments would look like in different settings, click here!
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