Greatest Slimings

  • Greatest Slimings 2011

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    2011 host, Jack Black, ended the show with one slime-tastic finale!

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    Heidi Klum got a face full of goo when she presented Favorite TV Actress in 2011.

  • Greatest Slimings 2012

    This year's Kids' Choice Awards made history as the biggest, slimiest, celeb-riest event EVER! Yup, there's pretty much nothing better than seeing our fave celebs get showered in our Nickelodeon's just how we show our love. Get ready to re-live all those 2012 slime-tastic moments, because we're running down the BEST goo explosions right here!

    justin bieber

    The Biebs may be a worldwide sensation with countless hits under his belt, but he was no match to the powerful blast of the slime-anator.

    heidi klum chris colfer

    Heidi Klum and Chris Colfer got slimed double time! The "ladies first" rule didnt apply here though, because Chris received the colossal explosion of gloppity green goo FACE FIRST!

    taylor lautner

    Were werewolves meant to get slimed? The world found out whenTaylor Lautner got showered in the gooey stuff and retained his human form, proving once again that slime is good for you.

    will smith

    Sure, Will Smith was the host of the 2012 KCAs but that doesn't excuse him from getting the slime of a lifetime. To show our appreciation, we basked him in loads of gooey green glory. :)

  • Greatest Slimings 2010

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    We'll never forget the best sliming in 2010, when Katy Perry got a startling slurprise!

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    Tina Fey and Steve Carell got a good sliming on stage in 2010.

  • Jonas Brothers (2009)

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    The Jonas Brothers celebrated in slime at the 2009 KCAs.

  • Greatest Slimings 2008

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    Rihanna's umbrella-ella-ella shielded her from Brendan Fraser's sliming in 2008.

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    Also in 2008, Jack Black and Orlando Bloom boarded a ride-o-slime.

  • Justin Timberlake (2007)

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    Justin Timberake put on a slime-tacular performance in 2007.

  • Jack Black and Robin Williams (2006)

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    Jack Black gave Robin Williams a big KCA slime hug in 2006.

  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (2004)

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    The Olsen twins were in for double the slime at the 2004 awards!

  • Jim Carrey (2003)

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    Jim Carrey got showered in slime at KCA 2003.

  • Greatest Slimings 2002

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    We changed the color of our goo-ey green slime for one very special fuchsia-obsessed guest in '02...Pink!

    nickelodeon kids choice awards

    Adam Sandler got slimed from every direction at the 2002 KCAs!

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