Past Hosts

  • John Cena (2018)
    John Cena (2018)
    You can't see him all over again: John Cena returned to host, dance, & slime his way through the show. Only this time? He brought reinforcements. Mom, Don, Joan, Nana, Sean, Ron, and Bichon - the whole Cena family's slime is now!
    • John Cena (2017)
      John Cena (2017)
      John Cena was a must-see host, showcasing his moves on both the dance floor and the (arm) wrestling ring. Plus, he served up slime for everyone from Demi Lovato and Kevin Hart to the audience in the pit! His slime is now!
    • Blake Shelton (2016)
      Blake Shelton (2016)
      Not many hosts would randomly dress up like a unicorn, but that's just the kind of guy Blake Shelton is! He did a little bit of everything: he got slimed all the way back to his chair, shot a toilet paper cannon, and gave blimps to the year's biggest stars!
      • Nick Jonas (2015)
        Nick Jonas (2015)
        Nick Jonas, the multi-talented singer, actor, and host, brought the fun, the blimps, the style, and the SLIME to the biggest award show of the season. Nick helped the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards go down as the biggest, most fun, and slimiest Kids’ Choice Awards ever!
      • Mark Wahlberg (2014)
        Mark Wahlberg (2014)
        Mark Wahlberg let loose and got wild as our host during the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards. From mega surprises to Hollywood’s hottest stars, Mark made sure the show was totally crazy!
      • Josh Duhamel (2013)
        Josh Duhamel (2013)
        Josh Duhamel made his Nick debut on Fanboy and Chum Chum, but in 2013, he's took on a brand new (slimier) role -- hosting the 2013 KCAs!
      • Will Smith (2012)
        Will Smith (2012)
        The Man In Black took on the biggest role of all slime with a mission to make the 2012 KCAs the slimiest night ever. Operation: KCA 2012 was a smashing success thanks to our host and secret agent, Will Smith!
      • Jack Black (2011)
        Jack Black (2011)
        Jack Black is back! We can never get enough of his crazy dancing, awesome jokes, and all around great attitude! Plus, who can ever forget his flash mob scene on the orange carpet?
      • Kevin James (2010)
        Kevin James (2010)
        He went through slime training and he DOMINATED at the Kids' Choice Awards. Kevin James was insane and so was the wild stunt pulled by Apolo Ohno!
      • Dwayne Johnson (2009)
        Dwayne Johnson (2009)
        Dwayne cooked up a night of excitement, buzz and tons of surprises! Dwayne rocked the house alongside Miranda Cosgrove, the Jonas Brothers and even SpongeBob!
      • Jack Black (2008)
        Jack Black (2008)
        Jack Black hosted his second KCA and attempts to be the best show host ever! And he definitely succeeded with the help of The Rocktopus, iCarly and musical guests like Lil' Mama, The Naked Brothers Band and Miley Cyrus!
      • Justin Timberlake (2007)
        Justin Timberlake (2007)
        Burp champ, Justin Timberlake, hosted the 20th annual Kids' Choice Award! This time he takes on the kids in the audience in a burping challenge -- the kids' won!
      • Jack Black (2006)
        Jack Black (2006)
        Jack Black is wild, funny, and totally out there! He definitely brought the fun when he hosted the 2006 KCAs.
      • Ben Stiller (2005)
        Ben Stiller (2005)
        What's the best thing ever? BEN STILLER SLIMING JOHNNY DEPP! Duhh! The 18th annual event was held in Los Angeles and Queen Latifah took home the "Wannabe Award"!
      • Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers (2004)
        Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers (2004)
        Cameron and Mike got the party started at 2004 Kids' Choice Awards! Matt Hoffman biked into a vat of slime and Hugh Jackman was awarded the Burp Award. What a year!
      • Rosie O'Donnell (2003)
        Rosie O'Donnell (2003)
        Rosie's last year (tear!) hosting the KCAs was a hit! After seven years of amazing KCA memories, she was properly sent off with a healthy dose of ooey gooey slime!
      • Rosie O'Donnell (2002)
        Rosie O'Donnell (2002)
        Rosie O'Donnell is major part of the KCAs past and in 2002 she got to see the first ever Burp Award tie! Jessica Alba and Steve Irwin were too close with their bold burps!
      • Rosie O'Donnell (2001)
        Rosie O'Donnell (2001)
        She's back! Rosie brought in the awards for the 5th year in a row! She was there to see Will Smith win not one but THREE Orange Blimp Awards AND get slimed!
      • Rosie O'Donnell (2000)
        Rosie O'Donnell (2000)
        Our favorite host, Rosie is back for more as she acts as the Mistress of Ceremonies. David Arquette, Frankie Muniz, LL Cool J and Mandy Moore co-hosted this huge celebration. A record of over 15 million kids vote for their favorites!
      • Rosie O'Donnell (1999)
        Rosie O'Donnell (1999)
        Rosie O'Donnell entertained over 8,000 cheering kids and families for the third year in a row! We can't get enough of her!
      • Rosie O'Donnell (1998)
        Rosie O'Donnell (1998)
        Rosie rocked the 1998 KCAs in Los Angeles alongside musical group Aerosmith, Puff Daddy and Madonna. What a crowd!
      • Rosie O'Donnell (1997)
        Rosie O'Donnell (1997)
        Rosie O'Donnell hosted the landmark 10th Annual KCAs at the Grand Olympic Auditorium. With 6,000 kids at the Nick-o-Drome, April 19 was a night to remember for sure!
      • Whitney Houston and Rosie O'Donnell (1996)
        Whitney Houston and Rosie O'Donnell (1996)
        The theme was a playground zoo and the hosts were two amazing ladies -- Whitney Houston and Rosie O'Donnell. It was a zoo of a night (in the best way possible)!
      • Whitney Houston (1995)
        Whitney Houston (1995)
        The legendary Whitney Houston had a blast hosting the KCAs on May 20. And why not? She had the pleasure of seeing comedian and star of Hangin' With Mr.Cooper, Mark Curry get slimed!
      • Joey Lawrence and Candace Cameron (1994)
        Joey Lawrence and Candace Cameron (1994)
        Woah! What could be better then Candace Cameron and Joey Lawrence? Candace and Joey hosting the comic book themed KCAs!
      • Holly Robinson, Tori Spelling, and Brian Austin Green (1993)
        Holly Robinson, Tori Spelling, and Brian Austin Green (1993)
        1993 was a huge hit when some of the cast members of Beverly Hills, 90210 hosted along with Holly Robinson.
      • Paula Abdul (1992)
        Paula Abdul (1992)
        After winning the very first Hall Of Fame Award, Paula couldn't stay away! She hosed down the audience with a gallop of slime instead of picking a celebrity to slime.
      • Corin Nemec (1991)
        Corin Nemec (1991)
        1991 was a big year for the Kids' Choice award! Corin hosted the 4th annual KCA on April 22 and award Paula Abdul with the first ever Gold Blimp!
      • Dave Coulier, Dave Fostino and Candace Cameron (1990)
        Dave Coulier, Dave Fostino and Candace Cameron (1990)
        The Nick Satellite themed KCA was a full house of talent! The team of hosts cracked us up with all of their side-splitting jokes!
      • Nicole Eggert and Wil Wheaton (1989)
        Nicole Eggert and Wil Wheaton (1989)
        Nicole Eggert from Charles in Charge and Wil Wheaton from Stand By Me hosted the 1989 KCAs in a big way. Putting these two together was a great idea!
      • Tony Danza, Debbie Gibson, Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider (1988)
        Tony Danza, Debbie Gibson, Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider (1988)
        The first ever Kids' Choice Awards was hosted by this foursome and they helped introduced an annual tradition of slime, celebs and surprises!
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