Revisiting “It's A SpongeBob Christmas!”

Back in 2012, SpongeBob got a special holiday makeover. Let’s dive back in on a fantastically festive, fruitcake-filled time for all of Bikini Bottom!


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O Pineapple, O Pineapple, how lovely are thy string lights? SpongeBob went all out with the decorations for his Pineapple under the sea - best light display in Bikini Bottom, fins down!

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Santa, Santa, Santa had his jolly little eyes on SpongeBob and his coral wreath!

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Sandy worked on deconstructing Christmas alchemy. The main ingredients? A dash of Christmas cheer and a candy cane, of course.

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Plankton’s entry on the naughty list was already a mile long, but he baked up a sneaky scheme to make it even longer: Jerktonium-infused fruitcakes for all to eat!

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Luckily, Plankton’s first “victim” was the least corruptible fry cook this side of Rock Bottom: SpongeBob seemed immune to Plankton’s tasty jerk-inducing treats.

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Careful, carolers! A bite of that fruitcake and you might not be so merry and bright!

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SpongeBob figured out that kindness (and music) were the key to beating a town stuffed to the brim with Jerktonium - bring joy to the world, it’s the thing to do…don’t be a jerk, it’s Christmas!

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When others are talking, never interrupt / Don't put people down, or leave the toilet seat up / It's the time for family and holly and turkey / It is the season to be jolly; not jerky!

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But that’s not all SpongeBob saved - with Kris Kringle himself in trouble with Plankton’s Mecha-Bob, SpongeBob made good use of the fruitcake cannon to save Santa and thus, save Christmas!

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