The Cast Behind The Characters At Monster High

Get to know the actors and actresses bringing Monster High to life!


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Meet Miia Harris, who plays Clawdeen Wolf! Originally from North Carolina, Miia started acting at the young age of six. Her love for dancing and singing led her to discover her passion for songwriting. She guest starred as “Aspen” in Disney+’s anthology series Just Beyond, and loves hummus and lollipops.

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Ceci Balagot, known for playing Isadora Smackle in Girl Meets World, plays Frankie Stein in the Monster High movie reboot. Ceci is from Long Beach, California, and came out as transgender using he/they pronouns in March 2021. In their free time, they love making art with recycled materials, like remaking jewelry and turning old shirts into yarn! They also have four cats who are all rescues as well as pet shrimp and aquatic snails.

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This is Nayah! Nayah plays Draculaura in Monster High The Movie, and rose to fame in the entertainment industry when she sang the national anthem in the 2015 NBA Finals. She has also guest starred in Henry Danger and played Kimmie Park on the series Grey’s Anatomy. Nayah is also a part of the girl group, Good NEWZ Girls, along with Mikaela Astel, Isabel Gonzalez, and Baylee Morrison.

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Case Walker, who plays Deuce Gorgon, is known for his fun internet videos, some of which he makes with his twin brother Cole. He played Chase Dubek in the comedy series, The Other Two, and enjoys participating in rock climbing competitions.

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Meet Jy- she plays Cleo De Nile! Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jy has been acting ever since she was nine years old. She played Kelly Bernstein on TV series The Birch, and owns two dogs named Mowgli Crusoe and Myrtle B’sakit. This UCLA Alumni is also the recipient of the 2019 Best Lead Actress award from the South African Independent Film Festival and the Inspiring Woman In A Film award from the Top Shorts Online Film Festival for her portrayal in Escala.

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Though he plays Mr. Komos in Monster High The Movie, you may also recognize Kyle Selig from the Broadway Production of Mean Girls, where he played Aaron Samuels. He is also known for playing Elder Price in The Book of Mormon (2011). Kyle is a recipient of a Jimmy Award and has released three albums available on streaming.

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This is Marci T. House! Marci plays Headmistress Bloodgood in this movie, but is also known for playing Captain Gloria Pike in the series Day of the Dead. Marci is a NAACP Theater (Los Angeles) and Jessie Theater (Vancouver) Award nominated actress and set designer. She has been acting ever since she was seven years old, and has trained with celebrities including Diane Hardin and Bill Duke.

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