Positional Breakdown: Running Back (RB)

Lincoln has Clyde, Ronnie Anne has Sid, and a quarterback has a running back, who takes the ball and runs with it!


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Running Backs can also be known as Halfbacks, Tailbacks, and occasionally Fullbacks. These players usually take a hand-off or pitch from the quarterback for a running play, rather than a passing play. Here, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Travis Etienne takes a handoff from quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

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Running backs are usually fast, quick, tough, and durable, as they are tackled often and have a heavy workload in the team’s offense, like Tampa Bay Buccaneers stalwart Leonard Fournette.

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Halfbacks and Tailbacks like the Philadelphia Eagles' Miles Sanders are normally a bit smaller and faster than Fullbacks, who are usually a bit bigger so they can block for halfbacks and tailbacks.

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All RBs have to be able to pass block for the quarterback, and in recent years they have become much more involved in offenses as pass-catchers, including Tennessee Titans star Derrick Henry.

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