What's New With Jennette?

Looking for the most recent deets on Jennette McCurdy? You're in the right place! This Sam & Cat star recently rocked her July 4th blue and white stripes at a fashion show and looked absolutely stunning. Even with her busy schedule, Jennette still has time to look effortlessly awesome.

And here's another outstanding outfit by Jennette! She strutted her stuff in this black and red ensemble at the premiere of Jersey Boys, looking like a true fashionista. We give this outfit two thumbs up!

Jennette's birthday passed recently, so she chirped some of things she'd like this year. "More Christmases," was the first present she wished for, followed by the power to time travel and owning a dog without cleaning its poop. Interesting...

Okay, seriously though, rather than get actual birthday gifts, Jennette asked that everyone do some good instead. She helped raise $2,500 dollars for charity thanks to her fans. Way to go McCurdians!