Ranking the best and most iconic Victorious songs!

Hollywood Arts is a school for the greatest and most talented students, so it’s no surprise Tori Vega and her crew have produced some of the greatest top hits. Here’s a list of Victorious’ best songs that you NEED to add to your playlist!

  1. Forever Baby

    Robbie and Rex singing in Victorious


    Robbie and Rex the puppet do not consider themselves a ventriloquist act, but they are a great duo when it comes to putting on a show. In “Freak the Freak Out: Part 1” we get a glimpse of the duo's musical talents when they sing their rendition of “Forever Baby.” This performance definitely brought some laughs and impressed a few North Ridge girls. Robbie is played by Matt Bennett.

  2. Countdown

    Andre and Tori singing in Victorious


    André gets a new girlfriend, but she’s not so pleasant. In the episode “André’s Horrible Girl,” he writes and performs “Countdown.” This R&B birthday song gets everyone up and dancing, including his not so pleasant girlfriend’s superstar father. André is played by Leon Thomas III.

  3. I Want You Back

    Tori performing with Beck and her friends while in prison in Victorious


    Tori and her friends find themselves in a whole lot of trouble when they end up in Yerbanian prison. In the episode “Locked Up! Pt.2, the gang devise a plan to escape during their performance of the classic hit song, “I Want You Back.” This song makes for an iconic group performance and farewell to the country of Yerba!

  4. 365 Days

    Andre performing with his guitar in Victorious


    In the episode “Jade Gets Crushed,” André tries to fight his unexpected feelings for JADE?! He’s crushing hard and the only thing that will help him is writing a song. With the help of Tori, André writes and performs this love ballad “365 Days.” 

  5. Five Fingaz to the Face

    Tori, Cat, Jade, Andre, and Beck dancing in a bus in Victorious


    In the episode “Driving Tori Crazy”, the gang finds themselves on a party bus, and they have no choice but to get down with Dr. Rhapsody’s hit “5 Fingaz to the Face.” This is one of the special moments where we get to see the whole crew sing together and they do not disappoint!

  6. Make it Shine

    Tori performing her first show at Hollywood Arts in Victorious


    In a quick turn of events, Tori Vega is shoved into the spotlight to perform for the first time ever. With the song “Make it Shine,” Tori makes her mark and claims her spot at Hollywood Arts.This catchy pop song is not only a bop, it’s one of the best theme songs ever! Tori is played by Victoria Justice.

  7. Song2You

    Andre and Tori singing together in Victorious


    André has always been ready for a big break, but in the episode “The Diddley-Bops”, he's got to prove himself as a serious artist. With a little encouragement from Tori, he writes this certified banger, “Song2You.”

  8. Give It Up

    Jade and Cat singing together in Victorious


    Another one from “Freak the Freak Out: Part 1'' but this time it’s a different duo… Jade and Cat! When two North Ridge girls get a little too friendly with some of the Hollywood Arts boys, Jade and Cat decide to show them how it’s done on stage with an R&B bop “Give It Up.” Boy did they show ‘em! Jade is played by Elizabeth Gillies, and Cat is played by Ariana Grande. 

  9. Beggin’ On Your Knees

    Tori performing to a boy at Hollywood Arts in Victorious


    The cutest boy in school wants a date and a duet with Tori, but only to pass a class. Well that doesn’t fly with Tori Vega. She performs this revenge pop song “Beggin’ On Your Knees,” aka the perfect ballad to start a break up with.

  10. Freak the Freak Out

    Tori performing dressed in a disguise in Victorious


    Continuing on with the “Freak the Freak Out” saga. This episode proves that even in a dull disguise Tori Vega can still SHINE! She performs the song “Freak the Freak Out” to win a bet and shut down her musical rivals at North Ridge for good. This electric rock jam cannot be defeated!

  11. Take a Hint

    Tori and Jade performing together in Victorious


    This song comes from a surprising duo… Tori and Jade?! Yes, these two can never get along, but we finally get to see them set aside their differences in the episode “Tori & Jade’s Play Date.” In their first ever duet, Tori and Jade perform the pop anthem “Take a Hint” to tell off some pushy boys. I hope they got the hint!

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