Six Times Lisa Loud (Almost) Helped Everyone in the Loud House

While her experiments can go awry, Lisa Loud’s heart is always in the right place as she looks to improve life at the Loud house. Sometimes helpful but always exciting, let’s revisit a few of her most awesome inventions and experiments.

  • The Soap Machine

    A machine that cleans within seconds. Ideal use: your parents will be home in a few minutes but the house is a mess, like in “No Guts, No Glori” when Lincoln couldn’t keep the house in order! Enter Lisa and her soap machine to save the day!

    [Episode: No Guts, No Glori]

  • Snow-Powered Tank

    It’s a snow day so school is closed! Everyone is excited except Lisa. Her siblings beg her to allow them to show her what is fun about a snow day. After convincing her of all the fun, Lisa goes completely overboard with snowball fighting like ambushing Lana when she tries to use the bathroom and flattening Lynn and Lucy in the vent with a giant snowball that rolls on top of them. After a fun and hectic snow day at home during “Snow Bored”, the Loud crew was ready to get back to school. Even the big piles of snow couldn’t stop them as Lisa led the way with her snow-powered tank.

    [Episode: Snow Bored]

  • The Healing Power Of Soup

    In “One Flu Over the Loud House”, it might look like the zombie apocalypse, but it’s just a sick day at the Loud house! Luckily, Lisa invents a special method to help the infected: load up water blasters with chicken soup and let the healing begin!

    [Episode: One Flu Over the Loud House]

  • Robotic Waitress Arms

    When Lori decides to work for her dad, Lynn Sr. at the restaurant in “Can’t Hardly Wait”, she quickly realizes she might need some help. Lisa gets to work on a pair of robotic waitress arms to assist her sister with her new job. When Lori attempts to help out a couple of customers with her new gadget, it overtakes her. Unable to shut it off,  Lori rips off the arms.

    [Episode: Can’t Hardly Wait]

  • Anti-Hiccup Throat Spray

    With Luna’s big rock competition on the way, she suddenly gets the hiccups in the episode “Hiccups and Downs”. Lisa had her back and invented a temporary fix: an anti-hiccup throat spray. When the hiccups came back, she realized that Chunk drove away with her bag. After a long chase, she rushes to her bag to grab the spray only for the bottle to fall and break. But she manages to successfully perform despite the hiccups and win the competition.

    [Episode: Hiccups and Downs]

  • The Loud Cloud

    In the “Loud Cloud”, Lincoln is upset after his mom, Rita, forgot to pick him up so he enlists Lisa to help make sure this never happens again. Lisa expands the capabilities of the Loud Cloud so that they can use it to book rides with Rita, store pictures, and even control technology in the house. However, as the family gets accustomed to these changes, the central computer goes haywire due to its lack of data storage and creates a day full of chaos for the Louds.

    [Episode: Loud Cloud]

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