Positional Breakdown: Offensive Line (OL)

These players would have no problem getting into the Salty Spitoon! The big crew upfront protects the quarterback & running backs from the other team.


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The Offensive Line is made up of 5 players: Left Tackle, Left Guard, Center, Right Guard, and Right Tackle.

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The two Offensive Tackles (OT, or just T) are on each end of the line. They are usually the biggest and strongest players on the line. They often block big, fast defensive ends (more on them later).

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The two Offensive Guards (OG, or just G) are just inside of the OTs. They tend to be a bit shorter than OTs (but not by much) and are usually blocking some of the biggest and strongest players on defense: Defensive Tackles.

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The Center (C) is the middle of the OL. Centers snap the ball to quarterbacks, so they must be very in sync with each other.

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Centers, like QBs, are very quick thinkers. They usually help their QBs break down the defense and help give the other OL their blocking assignments.

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