Meet The Class At Monster High

This diverse group of spirits haunts the halls at Monster High!


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15-year-old Clawdeen is half-werewolf/half-human, and a bit sheltered since she was raised in the human world. She’s got plenty of pizzazz, oodles of charm, and loves to have fun. Plus, she’s got special skills when it comes to skateboarding! Though she’s been accepted into Monster High, she occasionally still transforms back into a human. This makes Clawdeen nervous about the Monster’s Only policy: “Only those of true monster heart may enter.” Played by Miia Harris.

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Clawdeen’s roommate Frankie was born just 15 days ago and is assembled from some of the greatest geniuses in history. They’re bold, peppy, and a bit naïve, but give them a break, they were practically born yesterday! Frankie is good at science, math, art, and history…but struggles with basic social situations. Played by Ceci Balagot.

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Draculaura’s always on her guard and seems to be under constant pressure. That might just be standard when you’re Dracula’s daughter. She’s a 1500-year-old vampire who doesn’t look a day over 15. A bit of a rebel, she’s obsessed with magic, even though it’s strictly forbidden. She may take a while to warm up – being undead and all – but her friendship and loyalty are worth the effort. Played by Nayah Damasen.

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The big monster on campus, Deuce is the super-cool son of Medusa who, naturally, has to be careful not to turn his friends into stone. Kind-hearted, humble, and never judgmental, Deuce has the ability to see past insecurities and recognize the potential in his friends, as well as Clawdeen. Played by Case Walker.

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Cleo is The Mummy’s daughter and Monster High’s resident Queen Bee. Popular, chic, and a total fashionista, she may seem like the classic mean girl but, there is more to her than you might expect. Played by Jy Prishkulnik.

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Monster High’s resident “cool teacher,” Mr. Komos is incredibly trustworthy, and offers Clawdeen guidance and advice for how to fit in at Monster High. Played by Kyle Selig.

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Monster High’s tough-but-fair leader, Headmistress Bloodgood is a headless horsewoman and a stickler for following the rules. Played by Marci T. House.

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