Meet The Loud Family

The Loud House is getting real, in a really big way!


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Lincoln is the man with a plan, which is why he’s always a step ahead. Being the only boy comes with some perks- hey, he’s got his own room! - but it also means he sometimes gets a little too much attention from his sisters. They bother him, tease him, and occasionally use him as a lab rat or fashion show participant, but he loves them and is always willing to help out if they need him.

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Clyde is Lincoln’s partner in crime and his right-hand man for any and all schemes, strategies, and shenanigans. As an only child, Clyde spends so much time at the Loud household he might as well be an honorary sibling.

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The first-born Loud child, Lori sees herself as the boss of her siblings. She feels she’s paved the way for them and deserves extra respect. Her hobbies include golf, texting her boyfriend Bobby, rolling her eyes, and literally saying “literally” all the time!

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Leni has the biggest heart! When she’s not helping her family, she spends most of her time designing outfits and accessorizing. She is easily distracted by shiny objects, always falls for Luan’s pranks, and sometimes walks into walls when she’s talking.

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Luna’s energy is always cranked to 11! On the off chance she doesn’t have her guitar with her, everything can and will be turned into a musical instrument. You can always count on Luna to help out, and she’ll do most anything you ask, as long as you’re okay with her guitar solo!

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Luan’s a standup comedienne who provides a nonstop barrage of silly puns. She’s big on prop comedy so you have to be on your toes whenever she’s around. She loves to pull pranks and is a really good ventriloquist – she is often found doing bits with her dummy, Mr. Coconuts. Luan never lets anything get her down; to her, laughter IS the best medicine.

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With Lynn it’s all sports all the time! She is full of energy and is always looking for a teammate. Lynn is very competitive, tends to be superstitious about her teams, and accepts almost any dare.

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Lucy is obsessed with all things spooky and dark. She wears only black and writes moody poetry. Lucy has a way of mysteriously appearing out of nowhere, and try as they might, her siblings never get used to this.

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Lana is the rough-and-tumble sparkplug counterpart to her twin sister, Lola. She’s all about reptiles, mud pies, and muffler repair. She’s the resident Ms. Fix-it and is always ready to lend a hand – the dirtier the job, the better. All she asks in return is a little A-B-C gum, or a handful of kibble (she often sneaks it from the dog bowl).

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Lola could not be more different from her twin sister, Lana. She’s a pageant powerhouse whose interests include glitter, photo shoots, and her own beautiful, beautiful face. But don’t let her cute, toothless smile fool you- Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets – or else. But if you stay on Lola’s good side, you’ve got yourself a fierce ally – and a lifetime supply of free makeovers.

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Lisa is most likely destined to become a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, but in the meantime she spends most of her time working in the lab coming up with inventions to help the rest of the Louds with their various problems. While her research leaves little time for other activities like “playing” or “haircuts,” Lisa has fun in her own way… just ask her about her snowball tank!

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Lily’s the baby of the family, but she’s growing up fast. She’s a toddler now and can speak full sentences– well, sometimes. As an infant, she was already mischievous, but now she’s upped her game. No matter what, though she still brings a smile to everyone’s faces, and the family loves her unconditionally.

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When you’re a mom to eleven kids, you tend to wear many different hats. Rita is organized and keeps the family running like a well-oiled machine. She’s always ready to jump into action during a crisis. When she’s not wrangling everyone together, she writes a column for the Royal Woods Gazette.

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Lynn Loud Sr. is a fun-loving, upbeat chef and owner of Lynn’s Table – a family style restaurant. A sentimental kid-at-heart, he’s not above taking part in the kids’ zany schemes… but please don’t mention Lori moving away to college unless you’re prepared for the waterworks. In addition to cooking, Lynn Sr. loves his van (affectionately named Vanzilla), British culture, and making eye-rolling dad-puns.

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