Some of Our Favorite Lay Lay Looks

We can’t stop looking at That Girl Lay Lay! We’re celebrating this fashion icon by showcasing some of her best looks.


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Straight out the app slayin’ with sunglasses to match! Lay Lay is ready to become Sadie’s BFF IRL!

Photo By Nickelodeon


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It doesn't take magic to look this good…although magic is definitely not her most extraordinary talent!

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If it sparkles it's for Lay Lay! Ladies and gentlemen, your East Packer High School Student Council President and Vice President.

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Who says clowns can’t be stylish? Just because she’s dressed like a clown doesn’t mean she’s a clown.

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Nothing spooky about staying on the grind 24/7. As if the halls of East Packer High School were ready for this much drip.

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Sometimes it feels like even too much bling is not enough bling…even for church!

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Legendary indeed, get your shine on Lay Lay…but whatever happened to the real goat?!

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