Positional Breakdown: Safety (S)

Offense, you have been warned: these players are here to rock you like Luna Loud rocks a guitar solo!


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Teams usually have 2 Safeties on each play: A “strong” safety (SS) gets its name because it lines up on the same side as the Tight End, which is considered the ‘strong’ side of the line. A “free” safety (FS) is lined up on the other side.

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The safeties tend to be the furthest away from the line of scrimmage (LoS), but they can also line up closer to the LoS to help discourage the offense from running the ball.

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Safeties can vary in height, but must always be strong, sure tacklers who can occasionally cover receivers and tight ends.

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Similar to corners, safeties have a lot of ground to cover, and are the last line of the defense to prevent the offense from scoring.

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