Positional Breakdown: Punter (P) and Kicker (K)

Pardon the pun, but punts and kicks are all about putting in the leg-work.


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Punters usually take the field on 4th downs when the offense has failed to achieve a first down and is not close enough to the opponent’s end zone to attempt a field goal.

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Punters receive a direct snap and then kick/punt the ball in the other direction, attempting to pin the offense as far away from the end zone as possible as they start their offensive series.

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When the offense HAS gotten close enough to the end zone to attempt a field goal, they send out their Kicker.

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Kickers try to kick field goals through the upright goal posts, but will also be deployed on kickoffs and extra-point attempts.

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Kickers also do kick offs at the beginning of each half, or after touchdowns and field goals. This signals that the team previously on offense will now be on defense, and vice versa.

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