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YOU Can Change the World!

Kids can do anything. Whether you want to learn a new skill, start a passion project, or just spread some awesomeness within your community, Our World is here to help you make it happen. Let’s go!

Vision Board for Our World

Make Your Own Vision Board

Grab an adult, dust off your scissors, and bust out your glue – the future is totally up to you!

Get Started!

Our World Randomizer Background Image

Rand-o-mizer 3000

Did you know? Recycling one can of aluminum can save enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours!

Did you know that Dolphins give each other names?! Yours is eEEeeEE.

Nice-elodeon Challenge!
Is there an adult in your life who inspires you? Tell them today!

Don’t forget to thank a tree today! Trees breathe in carbon dioxide, and breathe out clean air for us to breathe.

Nice-elodeon Challenge
Ask someone close to you if you can give them a hug.

chess pieces

What’s chess and how do you play it? Check out this kid who is an absolute pro!

Nick Our World Purple Background Image

DID YOU KNOW? Sloths can hold their breath longer than dolphins.

Did you know? Laughing is good for your heart! What made you laugh today?

kids holding up a globe

Want to Make the World a Better Place?

If anyone can make it happen, it’s you. Let’s go!

Nick Our World Purple Background Image

FOOD FOR THOUGHT! If you became BFFs with an alien, what’s the first thing you’d teach them about Earth?

what's identity?

What Does Identity Mean?

That’s an AWESOME question. Let’s learn together!

Nick Our World Purple Background Image

DID YOU KNOW? Cat pee glows under a black light. GROSS!

wheel chair with basketball

Don’t let anything stop you from doing the things you love or are passionate about. Check out this kid who does just that!

Nick Our World Purple Background Image

CHALLENGE LOADING… Think of ten things you’re grateful for and try NOT to smile.

Happy Birthday! If it’s not your birthday…it’s probably someone’s. Happy birthday to them!

DID YOU KNOW? Just like how Earth has earthquakes, the moon has MOONQUAKES!

Did you know that Australia is wider than the MOON?!

vision board

Wanna Change The World?

You can start by visualizing it! Let’s do it together!

Nick Our World Purple Background Image

Nice-elodeon Challenge!
Spread friendship vibes like confetti today.

Did you know kindness is CONTAGIOUS?! That’s right, if you’re kind, others will be too!

Become a Water Waste Warrior! By taking shorter showers, you can save gallons of water.

Have an empty plastic bottle? Don’t toss it – paint it and make it a vase!

Did you know?! It takes about 1800 gallons of water to create a single pair of jeans!

DID YOU KNOW? Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t float away from each other.

Nice-elodeon Challenge!
Got a pet? Give them some love for 30 seconds! No pet? Give YOURSELF some love!

Did You Know? Dentists recommend you should be brushing your teeth for at least 120 seconds – and that you should smile, RIGHT NOW!

DID YOU KNOW? There are roughly 206 bones in the human skeleton, but there’s only ONE funny bone.

Clawdeen Wolf and young girl smiling

We Know You’re Awesome…But Do You?

Learn how to have confidence in your awesomeness!!!

Nick Our World Purple Background Image

Psst… it’s impossible to lick your own elbow. We know you just tried.

Give yourself a Splat on the back! Think of something that makes you feel proud of yourself.


Wanna Make a Change?

Our Partners at ChangeX Wanna Help!

Nick Our World Purple Background Image

Left-over orange rinds? Compost ‘em! Or make a hat for your cat!

two girls smiling

Are You Funny? Kind? Plain Old Awesome?!

We sure think so! Let’s celebrate what makes you, YOU!

Nick Our World Purple Background Image

Nice-elodeon Challenge!
Next time you see someone looking sad, try to cheer them up!

Nice-elodeon Challenge!
Next time there’s a mess, challenge yourself to be the leader of the clean-up crew.

Did you know? Dogs can sense when you’re sad or upset! They’re empathy superheroes.

Nice-elodeon Challenge!
Tell your friends you love them.

Psst… only 15% of humans can wiggle their ears without touching them. Can you?!

Nice-elodeon Challenge!
Tell someone you think that they’re SPLAT-tastic today.

SUPER POWER ALERT! Did you know special cells in our brain can make us feel what others are feeling. They are called Mirror neurons!

Make a new friend – a tree friend! Find a tree you like and start paying attention to it. Take pictures of it in every season!

LIGHTS OUT! If you wanna be an energy-saving machine, make sure you turn the lights off when you leave a room.

Computer with coding on it

Ever interested in how the things in your computer work? Check out this AWESOME kid who is a genius at coding!

Nick Our World Purple Background Image

Become a Water Waste Warrior! Turning off the tap while you brush your teeth can save gallons on gallons.

DID YOU KNOW? You can’t hum while pinching your nose – we know you just tried.

Bobby Casagrande holding a broom with garbage behind him

We Only Have ONE PLANET!

Learn how you can do your part to keep it clean.

Nick Our World Purple Background Image

Did you know you need water just as much as plants? This is your sign to HYDRATE!

Nice-elodeon Challenge!
Make someone’s day by giving them a compliment!

Skip the straw! Say no to plastic straws whenever you can. Use a reusable one, or slurp your drink up old school style!

DID YOU KNOW? Hugging can help your immune system get stronger!

Learn Something New

World Children's Day Toolkit and Letter

Organize a Kids’ Takeover Day!

Your official step-by-step guide to taking over has arrived! Use this toolkit and letter to brainstorm, plan, and of course, TAKE ACTION!



Children sitting together with a globe

November 20th is World Children’s Day!

World Children’s Day is a day to celebrate, honor and encourage kids like you to be YOU! Celebrate World Children’s Day by speaking up, taking action, and helping your friends and community.

World Children's Day, Meeting Agenda and Presentation Templates

Present Your Ideas Like a Pro!

You have an awesome idea or a big dream – now it’s time to tell other people about it! Share what you’ve got planned for your Kids’ Takeover Project with the help of our presentation outline, a customizable slide show template and meeting agenda!



World Children's Day Concept Note and Business Cards

Printable Business Cards for Kids

In honor of World Children’s Day, we’re challenging kids to TAKEOVER! Use the concept note to let others know what your goals are for their business. Use the business cards to introduce yourself! Whether you’re a CFO (Chief Fun Officer) or a CIO (Chief Idea Officer), your takeover starts here!

Business Cards!

Concept Note!

Our World and ChangeX

Our World Partners with ChangeX

Have a project in mind to make your community a better place? Bring it to life with the help of ChangeX, an organization investing in great ideas for the greater good!

Learn More!

Our World Play Button

You Can Change The World!

Whether it’s taking care of our planet or simply spreading kindness every chance you get, Nickelodeon wants you to know that YOU have the power to change our world.

Our World Project Playbook

Create Change in Your Community!

Use this guide to help you tackle a problem you want to solve! Whether it’s a food drive or a park clean-up party, the Our World Project Playbook is here to help you make it happen! Created in partnership with Aspen Challenge.