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Nickelodeon Partners

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Tackling tough conversations with kids can be difficult, but this guide can help!

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Become a Climate Action Hero!

Nickelodeon is teaming up with National Children's Museum to help you and your friends learn how to become Climate Action Heroes! Click below to find an exhibit near you.

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Organize a Kids’ Takeover Day!

Your official step-by-step guide to taking over has arrived! Use this toolkit and letter to brainstorm, plan, and of course, TAKE ACTION!

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Present Your Ideas Like a Pro!

Use these presentation templates and meeting agendas to showcase those big dreams and awesome ideas you have!

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Printable Business Cards for Kids

Get the tools you need to do your TAKEOVER on World Children's Day!

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Learn How Democracy Works!

iCivics creates awesome, educational content to help you better understand civics and American democracy. Let’s learn together!

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Our World Project Playbook

Use the Our World Project Playbook to get your passion project started! Whether it’s a food drive, a park clean-up, or raising money for a cause you care about, this guide is for you. Created in partnership with Aspen Challenge.

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Our World Partners with ChangeX

Want to start a project for your community and unsure how? Check out the organization ChangeX to learn how!

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Totally Awesome Token Boards

Check out these totally awesome Token Boards, designed to make completing daily tasks a celebration!

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School Schedules with Your Nickelodeon Faves

These printable schedule cards are designed to help set routines, prepare for daily activities, develop independence, and beyond. Part of Nickelodeon's partnership with the Autism Society of America!

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Power Up Power Cards

Autism Society of America and Nickelodeon have teamed up to create free, printable resources. Click here to learn more!

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PAW Patrol & Canine Companions

Join Rex and Indy as they answer all your questions about Assistance Dogs!

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Unified Talks: Let’s Talk Identity

Learn from Special Olympics Youth Leaders and your friends at Nickelodeon how we can be inclusive of all identities!

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Nick Helps Partner Spotlight: Blackpast.org

Interested in some history? Nickelodeon and BlackPast.org have put together a library of articles on people and movements in African and African-American history. Check it out!

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The Science Of SpongeBob

We talked with experts at Ocean Conservancy and Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County about the deep-sea science behind SpongeBob and all his Bikini Bottom buddies.

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Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy works with you to save the ocean from today's greatest global challenges.

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Celebrating Differences For Autism Acceptance Month

This April, Nick Helps and the Autism Society of America are working to educate others about autism and build an inclusive society.

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Nick Helps With The Rainforest Alliance

We’re creating a better future for people and the planet.

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Take A Virtual Field Trip…To Space!

What happens when you send Nickelodeon slime to the International Space Station? Take a look!

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Let’s Explore The Science Of Slime!

You will never see nature’s sliminess the same way again!

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Partner Spotlight: The Conscious Kid

Check out The Conscious Kid for more resources to take action to disrupt racism in young children.