Meet the Man-Rat who taught the Turtles everything they know!

Meet Splinter… Mikey, Leo, Donnie and Raph’s adoptive father and the mutant rat who taught them everything they know about combat…and avoiding the human world at all costs. Splinter loves his four boys more than anything and is deeply protective of them. He’s built a nest for their family nestled under New York City’s bustling streets to keep them safe and out of harm’s way - so naturally, he doesn’t love that the brothers have a sudden curiosity about humans.

Splinter understands that the boys are growing up, and it’s only a matter of time before they’ll want more than the life he’s built for them in the sewer. He just wants what’s best for them, even if that means taking bigger risks that he’d like.


Splinter is Mikey, Leo, Donnie and Raph’s father, as well as the guy who taught them all their awesome ninja skills.

Splinter is voiced by the legendary Jackie Chan in the Mutant Mayhem movie.

Namesake: It’s not totally clear where Splinter got his name, but who hasn’t accidentally gotten a thorn stuck in their foot? Splinter the dad is way cooler than splinter the OMG OUCH!

Weapon of Choice: A look of fatherly disappointment…jk. Splinter taught the brothers everything they know about combat, so this rat is no one to mess with!

Most Likely To: Distrust humans, and want his sons home before dinner.

Describe Splinter in three words: Protective, Wise, and Loving.

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