Raph is the second oldest of the bros, and always seeing red - we're not just talking about his ninja mask! Read more about Raph below.

Meet Raph, aka Raphael! He’s always ready for a fight, and ALWAYS ready to lay it all on the line for his brothers. Raph never shies away from his enemies, and is definitely an act first, think later kinda Turtle. He’s a bit of a hot head - you could say he’s always seeing red (and not just because of his red eye mask!) Generally speaking, Raph is one tough turtle - but he’s got a soft spot in his shell for his beloved bros.

Raph may be the best fighter of the bunch. He’s got some serious ninja skills, but doesn’t have a whole lot of stealth going on. Raph is also a true master of the sai… let’s just say you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a fight with this guy.


Raph (aka Raphael) is the second oldest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Raph is played by Brady Noon in the Mutant Mayhem movie.

Namesake: Raph is named after Raphael, a 16th-century Italian painter. Kinda weird fun fact? The painter Raphael had serious Renaissance era beef with the painter Michaelangelo, who Raph’s brother Mikey is named after!

Weapon of Choice: Sai, or special Ninja weapons that are like swords you wear as gloves! He’s also in general, a very good fighter (with or without his Sai).

Ninja Turtle Color: Red! Each brother has their own color mask.

Most Likely To: Act first, think later! Raph is known to be a little bit of a hot-head, and often dives headfirst into action without making a plan. This, believe it or not, drives Leo NUTS!

Describe Raph in three words: Passionate, Tough, Protective.

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