Donnie's a whiz with the bo staff, but he's also just a whiz!

Donatello, aka Donnie, is your classic middle child. He may be younger than Leo and Raph, but everyone knows he’s got the smarts. Donnie is brilliant with a super-sharp wit, and can be a bit sarcastic. He’s a true asset to the Turtle team, thanks to his ability to always see a few steps ahead of everyone else. Leo may be the man with the plan, but Donnie is the man pointing out the holes in the plan - whether or not his brothers want to hear them. 

Donnie's weapon of choice is a bo staff, which he can twirl and bash around with serious skill. He’s got a razor-sharp ability to analyze his opponents and know what their next move might be - something that comes in handy in the heat of a big battle!

When Donnie isn’t helping his brothers save the day, he likes to unwind with the finer things in life: video games, anime, and of course, K-Pop!


Donnie (aka Donatello) is the second youngest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That makes Leo and Raph his older brothers, and Mikey the youngest.

Don is voiced by Micah Abbey in the Mutant Mayhem movie.

Namesake: Donnie is named after Donatello, a 15th century Italian sculptor best known for his ability to make his sculptures look insanely realistic! Donatello the sculptor is widely regarded as a genius, which fits Donnie well, since he’s sorta the brains of the brotherly operation.

Weapon of Choice: Bo Staff. You do not want to be stuck battling Donnie when he has a staff, hockey stick, giant pencil, or anything else remotely staff shaped.

Ninja Turtle Color: Purple! It compliments his shell, don’t you think?

Most Likely To: Have a favorite K-pop star.

Describe Donatello in three words: Brilliant, Inventive, Awkward.

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