Meet The Mutants of Mutant Mayhem

Meet the villainous crew that's been wreaking havoc on New York City!

Meet the fearsome group of foes that’s been terrorizing New York City. For some (definitely evil) reason, Superfly and his gang of villain, mutant goons are on the hunt for some seriously high-tech equipment. But why

Until we know the answer to that very SCARY question, let’s quiz ourselves on who’s who in the crew! Read on to put some names to mutant faces and get to know the gang.


    Superfly, a mutant fly, in the all-new Mutant Mayhem movie. Superfly is voiced by Ice Cube in Mutant Mayhem.


    Meet Superfly, aka THE guy, aka the leader of the Mutant crew. This highly intelligent, supersized fly heads up an underground crime ring in New York City. His existence is shrouded in mystery…what could he and his squad be planning with all that fancy equipment? Superfly is voiced by Ice Cube. 🧊 


    Ray Fillet, a mutant Sting Ray, and Mondo Gecko, a mutant gecko, are part of the gang of villains in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem movie.


    RAY FILLET (LEFT): For a giant mutant stingray, Ray Fillet has the voice of an angel. Right now he’s mainly into singing his own name, but boy does he sing it beautifully. Ray Fillet is voiced by Post Malone.  

    MONDO GECKO (RIGHT): Mondo is like, such a chill dude, you know? Yeah, he rolls with Superfly and his motley crew, but Mondo’s not about conflict. He just wants good vibes and to feel the love. Mondo Gecko is voiced by actor Paul Rudd.


    Bebop (left), a mutant warthog, and Rocksteady, a mutant rhinoceros. Bebop is voiced by Seth Rogen, and Rocksteady is voiced by John Cena.


    BEBOP (LEFT): Bebop may be a jacked-up warthog mutant, but he likes to roll in style. He’s always sporting some killer shades, and never goes anywhere without his big ‘ole boom box. Voiced by permanent teenager Seth Rogen.

    ROCKSTEADY (RIGHT): Rocksteady is pure mutant muscle. Whether it’s from his fists or his horn, you do not want to take a hit from this guy. He and Bebop make a dangerous duo...who needs brains when you’re BIG AND STRONG?! (Turns out, most people.) Rocksteady is voiced by John Cena.


    Gengis Khan, a frog mutant. Gengis Khan is voiced by Hannibal Buress.


    GHENGIS FROG: He may not be as large or menacing as his fellow Mutants, but Ghengis is part of the team, dangit! Okay, he’s cute, fine. But this cutie can bring the pain! Ghengis Frog is voiced by Hannibal Burress.


    Wingnut, a Bat Mutant, in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (2023) film. Voiced by Natasia Demetriou.


    WINGNUT (ABOVE): There’s no way around it, Wingnut is kind of horrifying to look at. But it’s not her fault, she didn’t ask to be a cybernetic bat mutant!  She’s actually quite lovely when you get to know her and good luck shutting her up if she starts talking about anime. Voiced by Natasia Demetriou.

    LEATHERHEAD (NOT PICTURED. WE COULDN'T GET HER TO STAND-STILL): Leatherhead is proud to be a mutant and all-in on Superfly’s plan to make more of them. She’s down for causing destruction and mayhem, especially if it means getting to make a few big boombas! Leatherhead is voiced by Rose Byrne.

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