Who's got the scoop? Meet April, the Turtles' new (and only) human best friend.

April O’Neil is not your average high school student. She’s got a keen eye for journalism, is always looking for a big scoop, and is eager to prove herself after what might be the most explosively embarrassing student news broadcast debut in Eastman High history.

When April first meets Donnie, Leo, Mikey and Raph, she’s a little freaked out. But it doesn’t take long for a friendship to form between April and her unlikely friends. The more time she spends with them, the more certain she becomes that she’s stumbled upon her biggest scoop yet: MUTANT. Turtles. With ninja skills. Living in the sewers?! Working to take down a super-fly super-villain named Superfly? Count her in.


Unlike the majority of Mutant Mayhem’s major characters, April O’Neil is a human and the first teenage girl any of the brothers have ever met.

April is voiced by Ayo Edebiri in the Mutant Mayhem movie.

Weapon of Choice: A good ball-point pen and the TRUTH! April is a devoted wanna-be journalist, and is always looking for her next big scoop!

Most Likely To: be the one documenting the brothers’ turtle-tastic adventures! April can’t wait to break the news of mutant superheroes (and villains!) to the world.

Namesake: April could be named after the month of April…it’s not too hot, not too cold. Pretty good month! But, did you know that the original character in the ORIGINAL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series had real-life inspiration? The OG creator, Kevin Eastman, named the character after his real-life girlfriend, April Fisher!

Describe April in three words: Curious, Hardworking, and Dedicated. No wonder Leo has such a crush on her…

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