The best and the wackiest of Spencer's iconic sculptures, RANKED!

It’s never a dull moment in the Shay household, mainly because of Spencer Shay and his wacky sculptures. This eccentric artist can make anything into a masterpiece! With too many creations to count, we’ve tracked down some of the best and wackiest. So without further ado, here’s a list of Spencer Shay’s top sculptures of ALL-TIME!  

  1. Supertastic Sculpture

    Spencer Shay building his Supertastic Sculpture


    Spencer’s Supertastic Sculpture of stuff isn’t just a sculpture of a bunch of random items, it's a sculpture of a bunch of random items that MOVES! It’s so supertastic that it lands itself (and Spencer) in the book of world records.

    This sculpture appears in iCarly Season 1 Episode 10

  2. Potatio Radio

    Spencer Shay posing with his Potatio Radio sculpture


    Spencer can make anything into ANYTHING! The Potatio Radio is a sculpture he made up of radios from a junkyard, but the name comes from his love of squeezing potatoes.

    This sculpture appears in iCarly Season 3 Episode 10

  3. The Gigantic Pants

    Spencer Shay and some prisoners with The Gigantic Pants sculpture


    With the help of some prison inmates, Spencer built a pair of GIGANTIC pants. At first, the pants seemed like a stroke of total JEAN-ius - until those same prisoners used them to escape from prison!

    This sculpture appears iCarly in Season 2 Episode 22

  4. Yippie-Yi Yo-Yo

    Spencer Shay fixes his Yippie-Yi Yo-Yo Sculpture.


    The Yippie Yi Yo-Yo sculpture will keep you coming back for more! Made up of hundreds of yo-yos is so great, even Spencer’s all-time sculpture hero Harry Joyner got a little jealous.

    This sculpture appears in Season 1 Episode 14.

  5. The Magnetic Christmas Tree

    Spencer Shay showing Carly Shay his Magnetic Christmas tree sculpture


    Thanks to the Magnetic Christmas Tree, Carly and Spencer had a very toasty Christmas! This iconic sculpture may have set some presents on fire, but it was still the perfect tree for the Shay family to sing some Christmas carols under.

    This sculpture appears in iCarly Season 2 Episode 7

  6. Jack O Lantern

    Spencer Shay's Jack O Lantern sculpture


    Spencer takes pumpkin carving to the next level! This giant Jack-O- Lantern comes in handy later when he needs a place to hide from some VERY angry trick or treaters.

    This sculpture appears in iCarly Season 1 Episode 7

  7. The Giant Newton Ball

    Spencer Shay showing his Giant Newton Ball sculpture


    Catch a glimpse of Spencer’s brighter side with the Giant Newton Ball! The sciencey explanation for this one may be boring to listen to, but this sculpture is electric to watch!

    This sculpture appears in iCarly Season 2 Episode 12

  8. The Splatterman

    Spencer Shay posing with his Splatterman sculpture


    It’s time to get down and dirty! The Splatterman’s got all the colors needed to embody  Spencer’s colorful and creative self - they're practically twins! Besides, it’s never a bad time for a little mess!

    This sculpture appears in iCarly Season 1 Episode 4

  9. Toasty The Baker

    Spencer Shay creating the Toasty the Baker sculpture


    It only took 28 pounds of butter and a freezing room for Spencer to create Toasty the Baker. Sad to say he melts the first time, but Toasty was able to come back, BUTTER than ever!

    This sculpture appears in iCarly Season 1 Episode 6

  10. The Bottle Bot

    Spencer Shay's sculpture the Bottle Bot


    BEEP BOOP BOP! Introducing The Bottle Bot, the first wacky creation of Spencer Shay’s that we meet. Fun fact: You can catch this giant robot made out of soda bottles in the background of every iCarly episode!

    This sculpture appears in iCarly Season 1 Episode 1