Welcome ladies, gentlemen, and creatures of the sea to the Patrick Star Show! The star-studded variety show brought to you by the mind of none other than Patrick himself.

About The Patrick Star Show

The Patrick Star Show finds our hero, Patrick Star, living at home with his dad Cecil, mom Bunny, sister Squidina, and salty ol’ grandfather, GrandPat. Patrick performs his variety show to an audience of one (his pet urchin, Ouchie) and it’s all over the place in the best possible way! He might start with a cooking segment that turns into an old west tale that turns into a golf lesson that turns into who-knows-what else! When Patrick’s not making his TV show, he’s getting inspiration from his family, friends, and the rest of Bikini Bottom. Things that Patrick sees or does in real-life – Mom washing all his costumes, Dad taking Patrick to work with him, SpongeBob going on a job hunt – wind up in his show, with a touch of pitch-perfect Patrick pizazz!