PattyPalooza: A Breakdown of All Our Favorite Krabby Patty Varieties

We may never know the Krabby Patty Secret Formula, but we sure do love it and all its glorious spin-offs! Let's break 'em down. Order up!


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THE MONSTER PATTY: This gargantuan patty can’t be flipped by normal size spatulas, and definitely won’t fit in one bite! Episode: “All That Glitters”

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PRETTY PATTIES: Red, green, blue, purple, plaid, invisible - is there any color these patties don’t come in? Eaters Beware: may cause glowing tongue. Episode: “Patty Hype”

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THE NASTY PATTY: Scarier than the Flying Dutchman, stinkier than your breath after an onion sundae, and more dangerous than an Alaskan Bull Worm’s mouth: the Nasty Patty! Episode: “Nasty Patty”

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THE WEENIE PATTY: A creation out of the Weenie Hut kitchen, these Weenie Patties were a hit in Bikini Bottom! Sure, they’re technically made from…well, weenies, but everybody loves ‘em, even those tough fish over at the Salty Spitoon. Episode: “SpongeBob You’re Fired”

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THE CHUMWICH: If your favorite food is organs, you’ll love the Chumwich! Episode: “20,000 Patties Under the Sea”

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THE NOODLE PATTY: SpongeBob didn’t work at Wet Noodle for very long, but he still managed to turn out this wild patty-pasta mashup. Episode: “SpongeBob You’re Fired”

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THE JELLY PATTY: Fred sang it best: “It's no ordinary sandwich! It's the tastiest sandwich in the sea!” Episode: “Jellyfish Hunter”

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THE SPONGE PATTY: A patty that turns you all holey like a Sponge! Wait...Oh no…what have we done? The horror! Episode: “The Inside Job”

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THE PIZZA PATTY: Should we get pizza, or a patty? Head on over to the Pizza Piehole for the best of both worlds. Episode: “SpongeBob You’re Fired”

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THE SYNTHETIC PATTY: They may look normal, but they’re gray, gross, and full of mystery. Give us the real deal any day! Episode: “Selling Out”

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THE ALL-BUN PATTY: Maybe you need a break from patties, maybe you’re in a bun-y mood. Either way, this one’s got you covered. Episode: “Tutor Sauce”

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THE PAPER PATTY: Kinda like the Synthetic Patty, only somehow less edible. DoodleBob pencil not included. Episode: “Not Normal”

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THE NATURE PATTY: Organic and, well, natural. A great snack for when you’re lost in the woods after the Food Con! Episode: “Food Con Castaways”

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THE KRUSTY DOG: An entirely new Patty Delivery System: roll up those patties and turn ‘em into dogs! Episode: “Krusty Dogs”

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THE KING-SIZED ULTRA KRABBY SUPREME ON A STICK: Big, fried, and on-a-stick for easy eatin’. Add mayonnaise directly to mouth for taste. Episode: “Just One Bite”

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